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Memberships: all you need to know
Memberships: all you need to know

Set up and manage your memberships at best

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If you offer regular activities, there is a high chance that you already have a variety of block cards and time cards that your customers can purchase to book your classes.

However, if you wish to increase the relation with your customers, you can start offering memberships.

Memberships are products with recurring payments, that can be regularly extended (i.e. monthly) and which add greater value to your offers.

In this article we collect all useful information for you to set up and manage your membership at best:

  • How to create new memberships - here.

  • How to sell memberships to your customers - here.

  • How to see an overview of all active memberships - here.

  • How to terminate an active membership - here.

  • How to pause an active membership - here.

  • How to update the price of active memberships - here.

In case you are still not still convinced, learn here all the benefits that memberships can represent for your business.

In case of more questions on memberships, feel free to contact us.

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