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Chargebacks (automated SEPA)

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SEPA is a European payment method that allows you to collect your customers' membership fees directly from their bank accounts.
Find here more information about automated SEPA and how to activate it.

1) What is a chargeback?

  • When collecting fees with SEPA direct debit, "return debits" (also: "chargebacks") may occur. A chargeback is originated when an amount collected with SEPA direct debit is debited back to the customer.

  • This can happen, for example, due to insufficient funds in your customer's bank account or due to incorrect bank details or at your customer's request. For the latter, the customer must submit a chargeback request of the debited amount to their own bank.

  • The subsequent process is handled by your customer's bank and our payment provider Stripe.

2) How do I know that a chargeback has occurred for one of my invoices?

  • For each recurring SEPA payment (i.e. membership fees), an invoice is created in Eversports Manager, which you can track in the menu item Financials > Recurring payments (see picture below).

  • SEPA transactions where a chargeback took place can be identified by the red dot and the payment status "Open (Failed)"

  • If an automatic SEPA debit fails or is charged back, you can then retry the SEPA debit or indicate that the amount will be paid in another way (i.e. cash, bank transfer).

  • In any case, it is important to contact the customer and ask the reason for the failed payment/chargeback.

3) How can I prevent chargebacks for SEPA debits?

  • If a chargeback is initiated by customers, this is often because they did not expect the SEPA debit - or expected it in a different form. Here it can help if you contact your customers and explain to them exactly when, at what interval, in what amount and for how long the debits will take place.

  • It is also important that your customers know that the amounts are not collected by your bank account, but by Eversports.

  • If chargebacks occur regularly due to insufficient funds in the customer's bank account, we suggest you to postpone the collection date by a couple of days.

4) What are the fees for chargebacks?

  • Chargebacks cause additional costs for Eversports, which we have to pay ourselves to our payment provider.

  • Therefore, your studio will be charged a fee of €5.00 per chargeback and this will be invoiced in the monthly billing.

How can I charge my customers for the chargeback fees?

There are two ways to charge the fees to your customers:

1. You can increase the amount of their next invoice by €5.00.

  • Select the next month's tab in the menu Finance > Recurring payments. Here you can adjust the amount of the next scheduled invoice.

  • Select the three dots next to the desired invoice and click on "Adjust". Then, enter the new amount.

2. You can create an article in the menu products (i.e. with the name "Chargeback fee") which you sell to your customers for 5,00 €.
Your customer can then pay the open amount via the payment link.
You can find more information about selling products here.

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