The Eversports booking process has been recently visually upgraded and the latest update includes a handful of enhancements to optimize the booking experience for all your customers.

General view of product status and info

Detailed information of time and block cards such as booking rules, validity start, validity period, etc. can now be viewed by your customers during the booking process. By clicking on the green info icon next to the product, a pop-up appears with all relevant information.

Clearer display of existing products

For services and memberships that your customers already own, useful information such as validity period, remaining credits, redemption period of credit is now displayed.

Highlighting Early Bird and Last Minute tickets

As you already know, for workshops, courses, events, and other activities with multiple appointments, you can define "Early Bird" as well as "Last Minute" tickets which are valid for a certain period of time instead of the regular price.
For example, up to 14 days before an event, the price of the total ticket can be 5€ cheaper than the regular price. In turn, on the last day before the event, the price of the total ticket can be 10€ cheaper (or even more expensive).

In the new update of the booking process, these special prices are clearly highlighted so that your customers know about the Early Bird and Last Minute promotions.

Transparent redemption of vouchers and discounts

Previously, you could not see the redeemed voucher after it was applied.
This is now displayed in the purchase summary to the right.

You can remove an entered code by clicking on the green icon next to 'Discount'.

The newly introduced discount codes for Services & Videos can be easily redeemed by your customers here too.

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