Your Eversports Manager has learned new features once again.
With this update we would like to send you fresh positive energy for spring.

1) Promote your business with discount codes

Discount codes exist in almost every industry. When used correctly, they can be a very effective marketing tool for your own website, social media channels newsletter.

For example you could attract new customers with a special discount on trial cards. Or you could offer discount codes for certain promotional periods and events, such as: Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, the beginning of spring, summer vacations, Christmas or the anniversary of your studio. Discount codes for your team are also available.

You want to use discount codes to promote your offer?

From now on there is the free extension "Marketing" in your Eversports Manager. With it you can easily create discount codes and use them for promotions. Your customers can redeem discount codes directly during their online purchases and receive a corresponding discount (i.e. - €5 or -20%). In your Eversports Manager you can keep track of how often which discount codes have already been redeemed.

1 - Go to the menu Market and activate the extension 'Marketing'.

2 - In the new menu Marketing, you create the discount codes and find an overview of redeemed discount codes:

For your customers, the redemption of discount codes is possible via all applications (widget, Eversports website or app).

Read here all information on this new feature:

Important: discount codes cannot be redeemed for the purchase of ticket events and memberships. If you would like to do so, please let us know via email what kind of promotion you would like to do.

2) Improved booking process for your customers

When your customers want to book your classes, it needs to be as easy as possible. With Eversports, we are constantly working to improve the booking experience for all of your customers. From now on we have the following new features:

  • General product information is visible in the booking process

  • Exact status of existing products is displayed (i.e. remaining units)

  • Early Bird and Last Minute tickets are clearly highlighted

  • The redemption of vouchers or discount codes is shown more clearly

All details can be found in the following article:

3) Enter single appointments in the calendar

Until now it was very tedious to create single or recurring appointments for an activity. Numerous clicks were necessary. From now on you can add new appointments directly and quickly via the menu Activities > Calendar.

Mark the desired appointment (either by clicking on the desired time in the calendar or by dragging the entire time block in the calendar). Then select the activity for which you want to create the appointment. Finalize the settings for the appointment.

You can use this new possibility for example to enter single appointments. For this you can simply create an activity called "Individual training". You can then assign scheduled appointments directly to this activity.

We are aware that it is currently a difficult time for everyone. Nevertheless, we expect that with better weather and rising temperatures, people's motivation will increase again.

We hope that the new features will help you to make good use of the current time. We would be happy if you continue to keep your customers active with targeted measures and offers.

We appreciate your feedback and wish you all the best!

Best regards,
Team Eversports

PS: Do you know of another studio that would also be interested in Eversports Manager? If so, you can create your personal referral code in your system and share it with them. For every successful referral you will receive a 100€ bonus.

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