Once you participated for the first time in an activity at a new studio, the Eversports app will allow you to leave two different reviews:

  • One review only visible to the studio.

  • One review visible to everyone on the studio's profile.

1) Review only visible to the studio

You can rate the studio with an emoji and add comments if you wish. They will only be visible to the studio. This can be used to give feedback on a course, a teacher, an idea for improvement etc.

2) Review visible to everyone on the studio's profile

You can give a review based on 1 to 5 stars, where you can evaluate the cleanliness, the price-performance ratio and the atmosphere in the studio. You can also write some feedback to the venue.
The review will be visible on the studio profile and will help them increase their overall rating score on the app.

After your first class in a studio, a tab will automatically open in the app for you to rate the studio.

If you have not had a chance to do so, you can do it later by going to your studio profile > About.

You can review your review at any time, even after submitting it, by going to your studio profile > About > "Edit" :

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