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How to use the Eversports App (only for your customers)
How to use the Eversports App (only for your customers)

all you need to know on the Eversports app

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Whether you are already a customer of an Eversports studio, or a new Eversports user, the Eversports app is undoubtedly the place to easily manage your booking and purchases.

You can download the Eversports App on the app store on your phone (iOS or Android).
TIP - Activate on your phone the notification for the Eversports app.

You see below a quick overview on how to use the Eversports app.

1) Create an Eversports profile and log in

If you do not have an Eversports profile, the Eversports app will ask you to create one.

For each email address there can be only one Eversports account.

2) Home page, Favorites & Search

When you log in on the app, your Home Page shows all the studios that you saved as favorites (i.e. by clicking on the heart symbol or by accepting the studio invitation email).
You can add or remove favorite studios at any time, simply by clicking on the heart symbol next to the studio name.

In the menu tab 'Discover' you can search studios locally, of for example filter for specific activities and sports. Here you can also find an overview of online classes all across Europe.

3) Make a booking

If you want to book an activity at your studio, you can look up the studio name and choose on their schedule the class you would like to book.

In order to book an activity, you have to have a valid product for that activity.
In case you already have active products, these will be shown first.
If you have no valid products for the selected class, you can buy now a valid product. You also can redeem a voucher and view the cancelation conditions.

After finalizing the booking, you will receive a booking confirmation per email.
If you bought a new product, you will also receive the invoice per email.

All booked activities can be found in your Eversports account in the menu tab My Bookings > Upcoming Bookings.

TIP - If a class is already booked, you can put yourself on the waiting list. As soon as a spot becomes available, you will be notified and can then book the activity. (TIP - activate the notification).

4) Cancel a booking

If you can not make it to a class, you can quickly cancel it in the app.

In order to cancel a booking, go to the menu tab My Bookings > Upcoming Bookings.
If you cancel within the deadline, the unit will automatically be credited back to you. On the App it is possible to cancel classes even after the cancellation deadline.
This is called a late cancellation and allows you to free your spot from the class. The credit will not be returned.

5) View and edit your profile info

In the menu tab My Profile you can do all the following:

  • Edit personal data: Here you can edit your name and email address. Here you can also edit your saved payment methods.

  • Active products and memberships: This shows the remaining credits of your products and expiration dates.
    Here you can edit the creditcard number of your active memberships.

  • In the section My Videos you see all videos that you previously unlocked

  • App Settings: Here you turn on and off app notifications.
    We suggest to leave them on, for example to receive push notifications for the waiting list.

  • Bring a friend Voucher. Share your Eversports voucher codes with friends who do not use Eversports yet, and obtain EUR 5 discount on your next booking.

  • You will see your Eversports vouchers in the tab My Vouchers.

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