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In this article we will show you how to purchase videos at your favorite studio.

Studios have the option to create videos and offer them in their Video Library.
In the Video Library of the studio you can find both replays of previous classes as well as on-demand videos.

In order to see the videos a studio is offering, you go to their Video Library.
To do this, there are three options:

  • via the Eversports app, look for the studio name and go to the menu tab Videos

  • via the Eversports website, look for the studio name and go to the menu tab Videos

  • via the studio website, go to the schedule and click on the menu item Videos

In the Video Library of the studio, you find an overview of all videos that the studio is offering at the moment.

  • For each video, you see all video details (i.e. teacher, description, activity type) as well as how long the video will be visible for you (i.e. 24 hours, 2 days, one week etc).

  • In order to purchase a video, click on the selected video and choose how you would like to unlock it.
    If you already have a valid product, you can select it here to unlock the video. If not, you can select a valid product and finalize the transaction.

  • Once you have unlocked the video, the video will appear in your Eversports account in the section 'My Videos'.

    Each video will show you until when the video is available for you. After the end date, the video will not be visible for you anymore.

    IMPORTANT - if you purchase a video with a product with limited validity (i.e. a weekly card), the video will be available for you only as long as the product is valid.
    Example: If the video validity is '1 month after purchase', and you purchase it with a time card valid only 1 week, the video will be accessible for you only 1 week. Once the time card is expired, the video will not be shown in your section My Videos anymore.

    In order to watch the video, click on the video and start watching.

NOTE - If you buy a video bundle (i.e. Yoga Course part 1, part 2 and part 3), you will need to unlock all three parts individually in the Video Library of the studio.
Once you do this, all three course parts will be visible in your section My Videos.

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