We share today some short updates, insights and tips for you.

1) Updates: New features

Videos now available on the marketplace

Customers were often surprised that videos could not be found on the marketplace (eversports.com). This problem has now been solved. From now on, your videos can be found and booked via all channels (widget, mobile apps and marketplace).

  • There is now a tab Videos on your marketplace profile:

  • Your customers will find all their already purchased videos in their user profile > tab Videos:

Redeeming vouchers for videos and in the shop

It is now possible for your customers to redeem vouchers for videos. This is possible via the widget and in the Shop.

IMPORTANT: Vouchers can be redeemed for single tickets, block cards and time tickets, but NOT for Memberships.

In the purchase process, customers will find the option "Add voucher". Clicking on this option opens a text field for entering the voucher code (see image below), by clicking on "Apply" the voucher code is validated and deducted from the price of the selected product.

2) Insights: Booking trends for online classes

How are successful studios working with online classes?

In the following chart you can see how many participants per online class studios have on average (purple), compared to the 10 most successful studios (green line).
In February 2021, the average studio had 8.4 and the most successful studios 31.6 participants per online class.
For the average studio, the number of participants decreases slightly in February, while the number of participants for the most successful studios continues to remain stable.

3) Tips: More participants for online classes

After looking at the graph, an intriguing question arises: how do the most successful studios continue to have so many participants in their online classes?

Our marketing team has spoken to several successful studios. In the following article you will find tips for more participants in online classes:

4x tips to improve your online offer

With challenges, exciting events and special lockdown offers you don't just offer your clients a great experience. You also increase your customer loyalty, make your studio more visible online and let your virtual community grow!

Offer challenges

  • Set a clear time plan for your challenge and make it as easy as possible to participate. For example, you could offer a product specifically for this challenge. This way, not only your existing members can participate. New customers can also join the challenge.

  • Keep your participants engaged on social media during the challenge! This promotes team spirit!

Organize workshops, theme weeks or events

A second way to motivate your members while improving your overall course offering are special classes, themed weeks and one-off workshops with a unique theme.

  • For example, a series of yoga sessions specifically tailored to the many home-based workers. Tailored to the natural rhythm of the week, participants can consciously unwind at the end of their workday and release the tensions of the day.

  • The best ideas for great events often come from direct interaction with your participants. For example, you might create a survey on Instagram. Or ask for feedback directly at the end of your online classes via Zoom.

  • Come up with creative names for your classes. This will generate extra enthusiasm and your customers will know better what the lessons are about.

  • Use all available communication channels, before, during and after the event.

  • Inform in advance if customers will need extra equipment (yoga mat, etc) for your events.

Invite guest teachers

Online classes are a great way to invite guest teachers. No matter where they are, through Zoom they can easily join in. Spatially separate, but still exercise together.

Special products and memberships

In addition to hosting individual events, you can also create new products specifically for lockdown. For example, consider certain memberships, block cards and time cards that you can offer for a limited time until reopening.

  • Many studios offer their online classes at a discounted rate and/or with a shorter lockdown period. This makes it easier for participants to try out the class program first. In addition, you are meeting them halfway during this uncertain period.

  • Create a "friendship card" that allows participants to bring a friend at a discounted rate.

  • Offer a happy hour at times when your livestreams are less attended, such as during lunch.

  • Record your livestream lessons and offer them for sale afterwards as video in your video library.

We hope that sharing these insights and tips with you can give extra boost to your studio too.

Many thanks to all those who share their experiences and tips with the studio community!

Best regards,
Team Eversports

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