If you already work with the Zoom integration, you might have had the case where you need to manually create a Zoom link instead of using the one automatically created by the the Zoom integration.

This is especially interesting when 2 activities are held at the same time and a link from another Zoom account is needed.

How to manually edit a Zoom link in your Eversports Manager:

  • Create your meeting in your Zoom account

  • Copy the Zoom link

  • Manually modify the link in your Eversports Manager.
    To do this go to the menu Activities and click on 'Edit appointment' for the corresponding class:

  • You can edit the Zoom link that was automatically created previously by clicking on the "pencil".

  • After inserting the new link, click on green tick to save the link.
    This way it will no longer be automatically generated by the Zoom integration.

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