Your Eversports Manager has learned again new features.

Here are all the details:

1) Purchasing videos with block cards

From now on your customers can use limited products (i.e. block cards 10x credits) to purchase videos.

  • From now on, all(!) types of products in the Manager can be linked to videos in your video library.

  • Your customers can now see which products are allowed to purchase a certain video.

  • When purchasing a video, your customers can buy a product right away (block card, time card, membership) - just like when booking activities.

TIP - Update for iOS and Android app:

The update for mobile apps (iOS, Android) will be available around 11-12-2020.


  • Existing videos in your video library still need to be linked to your limited products (block cards, limited memberships i.e. 1x per week).
    You can do this via the menu Products > product/membership settings > select activities (and videos) > filter only videos and link the desired videos to the product/membership.

  • For each video, 1 unit is deducted from a block card (or other product) by default. You can't change this at the moment.

  • If your customer already has an unlimited product (i.e. membership "unlimited sport"), it will still be automatically selected for videos.

2) IMPORTANT UPDATE: Apple is changing rules for iOS apps

Apple has introduced new regulations for iOS apps in connection with the release of their own digital sports video platform "Apple Fitness Plus".

This will severely limit booking online classes and buying videos in the Eversports iOS app from early 2021.

Background information:

New Apple regulations require that every purchase of a digital product within an iOS app (i.e. iPhone) must be declared as an "in-app purchase". Apple counts videos and online lessons as digital products.

An "in-app purchase" means that any digital product (i.e. a video of a yoga class) must be pre-registered in the iOS app store. In addition, 30% of the purchase price should be paid to Apple as commission for each purchase. Basically, this means that every time your customers book an online live stream or purchase a video, 30% of the proceeds would go to Apple.

Because we can't impose this 30% cost on our partner studios, and because it's simply not possible to pre-register every digital product with Apple, we had to decide to limit the booking of online lessons and video purchases in the Eversports iOS app - from early 2021.

What will change for partner studios and Eversports customers?

Early next year, the following will change in the Eversports iOS app:

  • Online classes can only be booked if customers already have a valid product or membership.

  • Videos can only be purchased if customers already have a valid product or membership.

  • Customers can only purchase new products and memberships in the iOS app ONLY if the studio offers onsite classes only (which means. no online classes nor videos).

The Android app, your Eversports widget and our marketplace ( remain unchanged.

We advise you to inform your clients about this right now.

Of course we will inform you about the exact date as soon as we have more detailed info.

3) Adjusting the prices of your memberships

Would you like to increase the prices of your memberships for the new year?

In this article we explain how you can do this for new memberships as well as for current memberships.

4) Coming soon: following updates of the video library

We received very good feedback from our partner studios at the video library.

In addition to general improvements, we want to focus on the following features in early 2021:

  • Integration of the video store on the marketplace (

  • List of customers who purchased your videos (and with which product)

  • Improvement in the layout of videos on the widget and mobile apps.

Best wishes,

Team Eversports NL

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