helloCash API (Application Programming Interface)
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So that you and your studio are not cornered by the cash register obligation, there is the helloCash extension in the Eversports market. With the helloCash extension all receipts are signed, managed and the necessary protocols are created automatically. The Ministry of Finance can request the stored data on demand in case of an audit.

How does the interface work exactly?

  • With each cash payment, a receipt is created in the manager, which is also sent to helloCash via the interface.

  • helloCash digitally signs such receipts and supplements them with the legally required information such as the QR code

  • The signing process is fully automated, so no manual steps are necessary

By using our interface, you no longer need to worry about all the legal and financial requirements and regulations - the interface takes care of exactly these points for you.

How to activate the helloCash interface?

  • First go to the Market section in your Eversports Manager and activate the helloCash extension:

  • Now follow the instructions in the automatic mail you received directly after the activation in the store.

How can I cancel the interface again if needed?

If you want to cancel the helloCash interface, this must be done directly via helloCash. On the other hand, please also inform us with a short email to [email protected], so that we also deactivate the interface from our side. In any case, please clarify with your tax advisor beforehand whether and how you will then proceed with regard to the cash register obligation.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us - we'll be happy to help!

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