Best practices for your video library

Some examples how to present your videos

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In this article we would like to share with you some ideas from our partners on how to set up your video library at best:

  • Sell replays of your online classes on a regular basis. If your clients sometimes cannot make it to the live classes in time and would like to book and practice the class at a later date.
    Customers can easily find the video by searching the class name.

  • If you offered a workshop and made a video you can offer video of the workshop on your video library. It might attract new customers even in the future.

  • If you wan tot promote some specific classes a nice way to do so is offering free short videos of that class. This way your customers can get a feeling of the class and decide when to book the full class.

  • Videos are NOT ONLY for Yoga or Pilates studios!
    Many venues offering other types of sports (workout, jiu jitsu, karate etc.) have built up a very successful video library too:

  • Use preview images in a smart way to group videos of the same type (i.e. same sports).

  • Set up all information when creating new videos. This way your customer can use all the filters options to look for the videos they are looking for.

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