You want to offer a thematically related series of videos? Here we show you how to do it!

In this article we answer the following questions:

1) How do I create a video series ("bundle")?

2) How can my customers purchase this video series in one piece?

1) How do I create a video series?

You create a video bundle by creating several videos individually and linking them to a common product.

In a previous article (link) we explained how to create a single video.

When creating videos in a video bundle, we recommend that you do the following:

  • name the videos according to a logical order, i.e. "Arm Balance - Part 1/3", "Arm Balance - Part 2/3", "Arm Balance - Part 3/3"

  • all parts of the video series should be listed in the description of each video

  • all video parts have been assigned the same video category.
    Tip: to visually highlight the video series in your video library, we recommend creating a separate video category for the video, i.e. "Video Series | November Meditations" and linking all videos to this category.

  • all video parts should have similar thumbnails (preview images) so that customers can see at a glance that the videos belong together

  • all video parts should be linked to the same product(s) (more on this below)

  • all video parts should have the same availability period

2) How can my customers purchase this video series in one piece?

Create a new product in the menu Product, that will be valid only for the video series.
In order to set this up correctly, follow the steps below:

  • Name: choose a name for the product that clearly indicates what it can be used for the video series only, i.e. "Pass for Arm Balance Video Series".

  • Description: List the names of all videos included in this product

  • Product Type: Time card

  • Product Group: if you are planning on offering more video in the future, you could create a separate group for such products, i.e. "Cards for online classes and videos" - but of course this is not a must.

  • Select "show in sale"

  • Link your new product only with certain videos.
    Search the videos (tip: use the filters!) and link them to this new product.

  • Enter duration, i.e. 3 months
    Note: the access to the videos will expire when the product is over.

  • Start of term: from 1st booking

  • Select "Customers may participate as often as they like" (all linked videos can be watched as often as they like)

  • Set up the sales rules so that the product is visible only and can be bought online.

  • Save your setting - your product is now available in your Shop!

As soon as customers purchase this product, they can unlock all videos in this video bundle at no additional cost.

Note: With the current status of the Video Library (mid-November 2020), the product of a video bundle must first be purchased in the Shop so that the linked videos in the bundle can then be unlocked. But with our next update at the end of November 2020 it will be possible to buy the product for a video bundle directly in the Video Library.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact our Support team.

Have fun with the Video Library!
Your Eversports Team

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