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In this article we show you how to create bundles or video series of videos that are connected to each other and how your customers can purchase them.

1) How to create video series

You create a video bundle by creating several videos individually and linking them to a common product.

  • STEP 1 - Create individual videos

    In this previous article here we explained how to create a single video.

    When creating videos in a video bundle, we recommend that you do the following for each individual video in the series:

    • Name the videos according to a logical order (i.e. "Arm Balance - Part 1/3", "Arm Balance - Part 2/3", "Arm Balance - Part 3/3")

    • List all parts of the video series in the descriptions

    • Assign the same video category
      TIP: to visually highlight the video series in your video library, we recommend creating a separate video category for the video, i.e. "Video Series | November Meditations" and linking all videos to this category

    • Use similar thumbnails (preview images) for your video series so that customers can see at a glance that the videos belong together.

  • STEP 2 - Link videos to one product (or more)

    Create a new product in the menu Products that will be valid only for this video series. Follow the steps below:

    • Product settings > Product name: choose a clear name (i.e. "Pass for Arm Balance Video Series").

    • Add to the product description a list of the video parts connected to this product - this way it is immediately clear for your customers too.

    • Choose product type > Time card or Block card.
      NOTE: If you create a block cards, enter 1 unit per video. (i.e. block card 3 credits for a video series of 3 videos).

    • Optional: create a separate product group for such video products - if you are planning on offering more video in the future (i.e. "Cards for online classes and videos").

    • Link now the video parts to this product

    • Enter product runtime - enter the duration for which the video is accessible (i.e. If your time cards is valid 3 months, the videos will be available 3 months).
      IMPORTANT: the access to these videos will expire when the product is over.

    • Start of duration: from 1st booking.

    • Select "Customers may participate as often as they like". This way all linked videos can be watched as often as they like.

2) How can customers purchase this video series?

  • Customers can select the bundle product in the Shop and they unlock the video parts in your video library one by one

  • Otherwise customers can purchase the one of the video parts in the video library, and then unlock one by one the other video parts.

IMPORTANT: Once you purchase one video part, the other video parts are not automatically added to your account. They need to be unlocked separately.

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