All our tips for a lockdown

The most important tips to face a lockdown

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Unfortunately we cannot change the current situation, but what we can influence is how we deal with it. With Eversports it is our goal, also in the current situation, to be a valuable partner for all studios.

In this article we collect ideas and tips that are helpful in the current situation:

1) Offer online activities

Online classes or online trainings are currently very well accepted by customers.

2) Set up a video library

The video library helps you to create an attractive offer for your customers, even in times of lockdown. Your customers can view your classes at any time - even outside your opening hours.

3) Promote vouchers and discount codes

  • VOUCHERS. Vouchers are a very good way for your customers to support your studio. Your customers can redeem vouchers for online classes or for onsite classes after the lockdown.

    Learn here how to easily sell and promote vouchers online.

  • DISCOUNT CODES. You can promote discount codes that can be redeemed when your customers make a purchase. You can share them with all your customers or only with selected customers.

4) Further tips

Communication with your customers

What is important now is good communication with your customers.

Extension of products

Delete existing appointments or convert them to online classes

Due to the lockdown, most studios need to adjust the existing schedule. Here you can find all information on how to convert existing onsite classes into online classes or how to delete planned appointments.

Cancellations and refunds of existing bookings

When you sign out customers from an activity, they get their credits back. Your customers can then use this visit for a future activity. In this case, however, the money will not be refunded. If you want to refund the money to your customers, it is necessary to cancel the invoice. Here you can find out how to refund your customers.

We wish you and your team all the best for the coming weeks!

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