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Before going live on the Eversports platform and via the Eversports App, make sure that you go through these very important steps.
This ensures that your Eversports Manager is fully functional, that your clients can book your activities smoothly and that your products are all ready to use.

☑ Settings

  • Profile > Profile Picture Settings. Upload 3 pictures of your studio.

  • Widget. Integrate your widget on your website - link.

  • Master Data. Fill out all information required.

☑ Products

  • Services/Memberships. Check that your products (block cards, time cards, memberships) are linked to the right activities, otherwise your customers will not be able to book a class.

  • Services. Do you offer a (free) trial card? See here how you can set this up.

☑ Activities

  • Management. Make sure that this overview of your activities is clean. Make one larger activity with several appointments, instead of smaller repeated activities.
    This video shows you how to clean up the tab Management.
    Learn here how to edit appointments collectively.

☑ Wallet

  • Make sure you have activated your wallet for the online payments.

☑ Customers

  • Invite your customers so that they can activate their Eversports account - link.

Once you are done with the steps above, the Checklist is complete.
You can now activate your Eversports Manager.

In case of any questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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