Your Eversports Manager has learned new skills. Here is a video with the most important updates:

Here you find all details:

1) Direct integration with Vimeo (video library)

Videos uploaded to Vimeo will be seamlessly embedded in the Eversports app and in your widget (info: in the iOS app, the direct integration will come with the next update). Due to the direct embedding, your customers cannot share your video links. Videos can only be viewed with a valid product (e.g. membership).

Here you will find all the tips on how you can use Vimeo for your video library together with your Eversports Manager.

2) Passwords for videos in your video library

It is now possible to store a password for videos in the video library. This allows you to additionally protect your videos as only customers with a valid password can see your videos. You can save the password directly your Eversports Manager. If customers buy the video online or book it with a valid product, the password is displayed directly in the booking process (info: the password is only displayed in the iOS app with the next update).

If you use Vimeo for video hosting, you can set up a password by enabling the setting "People with the password". In the field below you can then set the password.

3) Connection with Mailchimp

Mailchimp is one of the most popular tools for sending personalized emails, newsletters or creating marketing campaigns. You can now connect your Eversports Manager to your Mailchimp account.

Here you will find all information on how you can connect your Eversports Manager to your Mailchimp account.

This connection allows you to export customer lists from your Eversports Manager directly into your Mailchimp account. From there, newsletters can be sent directly to the right target group.

You will find the mailchimp extension in the market of your Eversports Manager. We would like to support all studios in the current phase of Corona - therefore the new extension can be used free of charge!

4) Newsletter promotion in the booking process

Customers can now subscribe to your newsletter directly within the invitation process and after the booking process. There is a call-to-action button which they can click. The button is only shown to customers that are not subscribed to your newsletter yet.

In the customer profiles of your Eversports Manager, you can see who has signed up for your newsletter.

Before sending your customers to Mailchimp, you can filter for all customers that have subscribed to your newsletter.

We wish you all the best with the new update and look forward to your feedback.

TEAM Eversports

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