1) Video explanation

The following video explains the video library in detail. You get a good overview of how you can use the video library for your studio.

2) Questions and answers

Do I have to associate each video with an activity?

In the first version, a video is always linked to a specific class or a training course, so that all basic information of the class is transferred to the video (e.g. picture, descriptive text, etc.).

However, registration/cancellation rules for a class do not apply to a video.

The video is also visible if the activity has the booking status "internal". In the 2nd version, it will be possible to offer videos independent of activities.

On which platforms can the video library be used by my customers?

Your customers can already use the video library on your widget and in the latest version of the Eversports app. The video library is not yet available on the marketplace.

For which activities can videos be created?

In the first version, videos can only be activated and offered for classes and trainings. The function is not available for workshops, events, courses, etc. at the moment.

What products can videos be purchased with?

There is always a single ticket price for each video. This price has to be paid directly at the booking (payment is always online). You can also include videos for "unlimited products". "Unlimited" products are memberships and time cards that have no (!) Participation restrictions, such as "maximum 4 participations per month". Typical products are e.g. an "Unlimited Monthly Card" or "Unlimited Annual Membership", with which customers can participate in an activity as often as they want. If a customer owns such a product, videos are included with it free of charge.

Important: It is currently not possible to purchase a video with block cards.

With which unlimited products can you watch a video for free?

All unlimited products that are approved for a class / training are also valid for videos of this corresponding class / training.

Example: if a customer is allowed to take part in the "Yoga for Beginners" class with the "Unlimited Monthly Pass" product, they can also watch a video of such a class for free with the same product. He cannot use it to purchase a video from the "Handstand Series" class, as the product is not linked to this class.

What happens when an unlimited product expires?

Videos that have been purchased with an unlimited product are only available to customers in their Eversports profile until the entered availability period for the video or until the product expires.

Example: A customer purchases a video with her "Unlimited Weekly Card" (valid for 7 days) that can theoretically be purchased for 3 months. However, the video is only visible in the user profile until your "Unlimited Weekly Card" expires, i.e. only within the 7 days. After that, she must purchase the video again.

Can purchased videos be cancelled?

Videos that have already been purchased cannot be cancelled by the customer as the link to the video is already in his / her possession. If necessary, however, the studio can cancel the invoice in the Eversports Manager as usual under "Finances".

What happens if I change existing videos (e.g. price, link, availability)?

The price and the availability period of a video can be changed at any time in the class settings. The video links for the individual appointments can also be adapted under "Edit appointment".

If a customer has already purchased a video, if the video link is changed, the link for the purchased video will also be renewed. The changes in the price or the availability period only apply to videos that have not yet been purchased yet.

Can I reset video settings?

If the studio withdraws a certain video (switch it off under "Edit appointment") or wants to remove all videos of a certain class from the video library (switch off under class settings), the videos in question no longer appear in the video library. Videos that have already been purchased are of course still available to customers in their customer profile.

How can I promote my videos?

There is a promotion link to promote your videos. This allows you to link the recordings of previous classes directly on your website or in your newsletter. You can find the link under Videos / Share

3) Planned next steps for the video library

The following things are planned as further steps in the video project:

  • Overview of all videos offered in the manager
  • Insights on the videos in the manager
  • Creation of individual videos in the manager
  • Editing of existing videos in the manager
  • Make it difficult to share purchased videos
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