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Frequent questions on the video library

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After showing you how to set up your video library and sharing some best practices on how to present it, we would like to answer some frequently asked questions:

  • How can my customers buy a video?

    Videos can be bought with all products and memberships if they are linked to the video.
    Share this information with your customers on they can buy your videos.

  • Where do I see which customers purchased my videos?

    • In the menu Videos, the column Participants shows you how many customers have already purchased this video:

    • Additionally, if you click on the three dots next to a video > Show participants, you can see who purchased the video and with which product.

  • What does it mean that the video has has unlimited availability?
    Videos that have been purchased with an unlimited product are available to customers in their Eversports profile only until the stated availability period of the video or as soon as the product expires.
    Example: A customer owns a "Weekly Pass" (valid for 7 days) and purchases a video which has validity unlimited. The video will only be visible in the user profile until the "Weekly Pass" expires, so only for 7 days. Afterwards, the customer has to buy the video again.

  • How can I remove a video from the customer profile?
    Once a video is purchased, it cannot be removed by the customer. If necessary, the studio can cancel the video invoice in the Eversports Manager in the menu Finances. This way the video purchase is undone and the video is removed.

  • What happens if I change the settings of existing videos (e.g. price, link, availability)?
    The price and the availability period of a video can be changed at any time in the video settings. The video links for individual appointments can also be adapted under "Edit appointment".
    If a customer has already purchased a video, if the video link is changed, the link for the purchased video will also be renewed. The changes in the price or the availability period only apply to videos that have not yet been purchased yet.

  • What happens if I remove videos from the video library?
    If the studio removes a certain video (archive or delete), the videos in question no longer appear in the video library. Videos that have already been purchased are of course still available to customers in their customer profile, according to the video availability.

  • How can I promote my videos?
    You can share the video library link to promote your videos. This allows you to link your videos directly on your website or in your newsletter.
    You can find the link under Videos > Share.

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