1) The new video library is ready to go

The new video library brings the following advantages:

More flexibility for your customers

Your customers can take part in activities in your studio regardless of the schedule. By watching the video several times, your customers can significantly intensify their practice. Your studio is increasingly becoming a valuable online platform for your customers that can be used around the clock. By expanding your offers, you also open up to other target groups (e.g. customers who want to be flexible and active from home).

Upgrade your memberships

Memberships are a very good product to attract customers to your studio. With the new video library, you can further upgrade your membership by including the on-demand videos for your membership. This is a good argument to sell new memberships and to reduce breaks or terminations. Your customers can also use your offer flexibly when they are on vacation or when they are sick from home. This strengthens the bond with your customers.

Insurance against a potential second corona wave

The current situation remains uncertain and the number of infections is rising again in most countries. If there is a second wave and a new (local) lock-down, the video library is a good opportunity to create another source of income. You can monetize already existing videos with the video library by selling them individually or by increasing the membership prices that include the videos.

2) This is how the new video library works

You can activate your video library on your website in just a few steps:

Activate the "video library" extension

Before you can use the new video library, you have to activate the extension in the market. We would like to support all studios in the current phase - therefore the new extension can be used for free!

As soon as you have activated the extension, you will find the new menu item "Videos" in your Eversports Manager.

Create videos in your Manager

For classes or training sessions, you can now offer videos in the video library. To do this, go to the activity setting. In the "Rules" tab you can allow videos for this activity.

After you have activated the setting, you can insert your own video links for all appointments of this class (go to "Edit appointment").
Make sure you record the class. After the class you can enter the video link directly related to it.

Promote your videos

It's important that you communicate your videos well to your customers. There is also a separate link that you can include in your website, your social media channels or in your newsletter. You can find the link in your Eversports Manager under the menu item "Videos" if you click on the "Share" button in the top right corner.

Ansicht für deine Kunden

Sobald du das erste Video erstellt hast, gibt es in deinem Widget den Reiter "Videos". Videos werden inkl. Aktivitätenbeschreibung und Titelbild für deine Kunden angezeigt. Deine Kunden können Videos über dein Widget und über die Eversports App kaufen und ansehen.

We wish you good luck with the video library!

TEAM Eversports

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