With the first version of the beta test phase of the video library, it was possible to buy video recordings of live online classes and trainings for a fixed price. The new update now allows customers to purchase them free of charge with "unlimited" memberships and time cards (i.e. with unlimited participation).

What does that mean exactly? We have listed the most important information for you here:

  • What does "unlimited" product mean?
    "Unlimited" products are memberships and time cards that have no(!) participation restrictions, such as "a maximum of 4 participations per month". Typical products are e.g. an "Monthly Unlimited" or "Unlimited Yearly Membership", with which you can participate in an activity as often as you want in the month or year. If a customer owns such a product, it is possible for him/her to watch a video for free.
    Important: It is currently not yet possible to purchase a video with block cards.
  • Which unlimited products can be used to watch a video for free?
    It is possible to purchase a video with those unlimited products that are linked with the appropriate class/training of the video.
    Example: if a customer is allowed to participate in the "Yoga for Beginners"-class with the "Unlimited Monthly Pass" product, they can also watch a video of such a class for free with the same product. On the other hand, he cannot purchase a video from the "Handstand Series"-class if said product is not linked to this class.
  • What happens when an unlimited product expires?
    Videos that were purchased with an unlimited product are only available to customers in their Eversports profile until the stated availability period of the video or as soon as the product expires.
    Example: A customer owns a "Unlimited Weekly Pass" (valid for 7 days) and purchases a video which is theoretically purchasable for 3 months. However, the video will only be visible in the user profile until the "Unlimited Weekly Pass" expires, i.e. only within the 7 days. Afterwards, she has to buy the video again.
  • Can you only buy videos in the widget or also in the mobile apps?
    During the beta test phase, videos can only be purchased in the widget. The video library will be released to all partner studios in the beginning of August 2020 and it will then also be possible to buy videos in the iOS and Android app.
  • Where can I see in the manager how many times a video was purchased?
    The implementation of new features in the Eversports Manager related to the video library are currently in progress and one of the features in the next update will be an overview of all videos incl. the number of purchases. (Below in the article we listed upcoming improvements to the video library.)

Outlook for upcoming improvements of the video library

As further steps in the video project the following things are planned:

  • Overview of all videos offered in the manager
  • Insights to the videos in the manager
  • Create individual videos in the manager
  • Edit existing videos in the manager
  • Impeding the sharing of purchased videos

Your feedback is important to us

We have already collected valuable feedback on the video library from participating partner studios and are very grateful if you actively test the video library and then give us feedback. Just find a time slot for a feedback appointment:

The video library is currently only visible to selected customers who have registered for our beta test phase. If you have not yet registered for the beta test phase, you can do so by clicking on this link.

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