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Email and social network templates to share your referral code
Email and social network templates to share your referral code

Some examples of good communication for sharing your referral code

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To help you share your referral code easily, we have prepared some email and social media templates for you that you can use or simply be inspired by.

1) social media templates

You can share your Eversports Manager sponsorship code to your community on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube...), via your personal profile and/or your company page. For this, here are 3 options of publications. Choose the one you prefer and adapt it to your liking!

Option A (explanatory version):

"Hello everyone,

I recommend you the management and booking software Eversports Manager! This software allows you to manage your business from A to Z, from creating your schedule online to automated accounting, online payment and real-time statistics and many other great features.

Get 1 month free by using my sponsorship code: YOUR CODE to mention during your demo on the Eversports Manager website. I really advise you to try this software! ✅

I hope you will join the Eversports Manager community too!

Click here to book your online demo.

Option B (short version):

"Get 1 month free using my referral code: YOUR CODE to be mentioned during your demo on the Eversports Manager website.

Option C (fun and creative, more suitable for Instagram):

"Hello everyone! Today, a little tip for managing your business: I recommend the @eversports.manager booking and management software.

Book a free demo on the Eversports Manager website using my code YOUR CODE (to mention during your demo) and get 1 month free. Enjoy it! "

2) personalized email templates

You can also use the two email templates below to recommend Eversports Manager to your friends, colleagues or acquaintances.

Option A (common language, first name):


I hope you are well. I thought you might be interested in the Eversports Manager software to manage your business?

It's a complete management and booking software, which allows you to create your schedule online, to follow the registrations, to manage the subscriptions. It also allows you to have statistics in real time and by periods, and to propose the online payment with automatic invoice. I let you have a look at the site.

In short, I recommend you this software! You can get 1 month free if you want to try it by booking a demo on the site with my sponsorship code: YOUR CODE (the sponsorship code is to be mentioned during the demo).

Enjoy it and tell me if you like the software too!

See you soon."

Option B (professional language, polite manners):


I am contacting you to give you the opportunity to discover Eversports Manager. It seems to me that this management and reservation software could meet your needs for the management of your activity. I recommend it to you and invite you to look at the website to know more about it.

If you are interested, you can get 1 month free by booking a demo on the website with my referral code: YOUR CODE (the referral code should be mentioned during the demo).

Hoping that the Eversports Manager software can help you in turn.


And that's not all! Here are some visuals to download, which you can use on your social networks to accompany your sponsorship message, as well as our logo if you want to create a visual yourself:

  • An image streamlined and adapted for Instagram:

  • To add to your designs the Eversports Manager logo:

Thanks again for supporting Eversports Manager!

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