You can easily recommend our Eversports Manager software to friends and colleagues. Recommend 1 friend and he or she will get 1 month for free and you will receive € 100 as soon as this person joins the Eversports community!

1) Create your referral code

First, you need to create your personal referral code in your Eversports Manager or directly via this link. Here you can personalize your code. Be creative or just use your name. Most importantly is that it is easy to remember. For example StudioAmsterdam.

2) Share your referral code

Once your code has been created, you will receive a confirmation email with your referral code. All you have to do is share this code via email, text message, or directly via social networks. Use without limit. Make sure everyone you refer to Eversports Manager uses your referral code when they book their free demo on our site.

3) €100 for every successful referral!

To thank you for recommending Eversports Manager, as soon as one of your referrals joins Eversports thanks to you, you will receive a notification and €100. So invite your professional sports and wellness friends to join the Eversports community and make sports happen together!

Start referring today!
Create your personal code here and you're good to go!

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