Welcome to the beta test phase of the video store!

Explanation of the Video Library

In the following video we show you how to use the video store as a beta test partner:

More details about the video library:

Connection videos <> Activity:

In the 1st version, a video is always linked to a specific class or training, so that all basic information of the class is transferred to the video (e.g. image, description text, etc.)

However, registration/cancellation rules of a class do not apply to a video.

The video is also visible if the activity has the booking status "internal".


In the beta phase, the video library is initially only available on the widget. It will also be available on the Eversports app after the beta testing phase. It will not go live on the marketplace until a few weeks later.

Activity Types:

In the 1st version, videos can only be unlocked and offered for classes and training. For workshops, events, courses, etc. this function is currently not available.

Price and payment methods:

Videos can only be paid with online payment methods. It is currently not possible to buy the video with a product. There is always a single ticket price for each video.


Already purchased videos cannot be cancelled by the customer, because the link to the video is already in his/her possession. However, if necessary, the studio can cancel the invoice in Eversports Manager under "Finance" as usual.

Change in price, availability period, video link:

The price and availability period of a video can be changed at any time in the class settings. The video links for each date can also be adapted under "Edit appointment".

If a customer has already purchased a video, the link of the purchased video will also be renewed when the video link is changed. However, the changes in price or availability period only apply to videos that have not yet been purchased.

Reset the video settings:

If the Studio resets a specific video (turn off under "Edit Appointment") or wants to remove all videos of a specific class from the video store (turn off under Class Settings), the affected videos no longer appear in the video store. Of course, videos that have already been purchased are still available to customers in their customer profile.

Promotion Link to share videos:

To promote your videos there is a promotion link. With this link, you can link the recordings of past classes directly on your website or in your newsletter. You can find the link under Settings / Profile:

Outlook for upcoming improvements of the video library

As further steps in the video project the following things are planned:

  • Buying a video with a product (service or membership)
  • Promotion Link that leads directly to the video library
  • Implement video store on the marketplace

Your feedback is important to us

The goal of the beta test phase is to collect valuable feedback before we release the video library for all our partner studios.

We would be very grateful if you would actively test the Video Library and give us feedback afterwards. Here you can easily arrange a feedback appointment:

The video library is currently only visible to selected customers who have registered for our beta test phase. If you have not yet registered for the beta test phase, you can do so by clicking on this link.

Best regards,

TEAM Eversports

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