Your Eversports manager has learned new skills again! In addition, this time you'll get a preview of the new "video library".

1) Password for zoom interface

From 01. June 2020 there will be a mandatory password for Zoom. Your Eversports Manager is already prepared. When you edit an appointment, you can now add a password in addition to the online streaming link. If you use the zoom interface, the password will be automatically added in addition to the link.

The password field is only displayed if you select "Zoom" as your Online Streaming Provider under Settings/Online transmission.

Your customers will receive the password together with their booking.

Before participating, your customers will come to a page where they can see their password again and simply copy it. This password can then simply be entered in Zoom.

2) Reconnect your Zoom Account

We have heard from several customers in the last few days, that the connection between their zoom account and their Eversports Manager has been disconnected.

We've now created an easy way for you to reconnect your Zoom account at any time. To do this, go to Settings and then the "Online Transfer" tab.

There is now a button that you can use to reconnect your account at any time.

3) Preview of the "Video Library"

Over the last weeks, we have heard more and more requests that studios would like to make recorded classes available to their customers for a longer period of time.

There is good news about this. Our team is already working on a new feature for this. According to plan, this new feature will be available for all studios by mid-June.

Here you can get a first impression of the upcoming first version of the "Videothek".

We look forward to your feedback!


TEAM Eversports

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