Over the last weeks, we have heard more and more requests that studios would like to make recorded classes available to their customers for a longer period of time.

There is good news about this. Our team is already working on a new feature for this. This new feature is scheduled to be available to all studios using Eversports Manager by mid-June.

In this article we'd like to give you a first glimpse of the upcoming first version of the "Video Library":

New tab "Video Library"

There will be a new tab in your widget called "Video Library".

Connection to the original activity

In this tab you can offer video recordings of individual activities (e.g. classes or trainings). These are video recordings of live-activities that have actually taken place at your studio. The details from the activity settings of the original activity are also included (e.g. description, picture, teacher, level, etc.).


As studio owner you are free to decide how much you charge for the booking of a video recording. In the first version, there is a "single ticket price" for each video. At a later date (not in the 1st version) it will also be possible to link the video recordings with existing products.

Additionally, you can decide how long after the end of the original class, the recording will still be available for purchase and viewing.

The video recording is not included when booking the original class. Participants who take part in a live class must book the video recording separately. However, you have the possibility to send the video link to all participants via email at any time.

Technical implementation

As usual, it will be possible to add a link to the video recording (e.g. YouTube or Zoom). Youtube videos will be started directly in Eversports. When you use Zoom, the user will be forwarded directly to the video.

The first version will only be available on the widget and via the Eversports app.

Hope you look as much forward to the new "Video Library" as we do!


TEAM Eversports

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