Eversports is a booking platform based on individual accounts with an individual email address.

Yet it is possible in your Eversports Manager to create accounts without an email address. This is therefore a possible workaround for family accounts where the children do not have their own emails:

  • The advantage is that you can create children's accounts without providing an email address.
  • The disadvantage is of course that these children cannot be logged in or logged/purchased by their parents.
    However if you work with fixed groups you can still sell the products yourself.

How do you sell a product to an account without email address?

First of all, after discussing this with the family, you should create the account in your Eversports Manager.
Then you can assign the right product and send the invoice to the family email.

This works differently depending on the product + payment method:

  • If you assign a block card: You can send the invoice with payment link so that this can be paid directly online.
  • If you assign a membership, there are two ways to process the payment:
    1. You can set the membership on the payment method 'Open'.
    This means that the invoice can be sent with a payment link but also that you can process the payment offline (creditcard, cash).
    2. You can set the membership on the payment method 'Automatic SEPA'.
    In that case, you will need to get the bank details from the parents and the permission to collect the amount monthly. You can then activate the SEPA mandate for the account and confirm this manually. Then you can assign the membership and the SEPA debit will be done automatically (Here you can find more information about SEPA memberships).

The most important thing you need to know about this workaround is that you have to do the work for the family in the system.

This process generates more workload for you because it cannot be automated.

An open-minded spirit and a great deal of flexibility to the family needs are key factors to make this run smoothly.

If you have any questions about this you can send us an email to [email protected].

Team Eversports

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