Hybride activities (onsite & online)

Offer the same activities online and in the studio

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Would you like to offer your customers the possibility to choose between following a class in the studio or via online stream?

Here we show you how to do that with your Eversports Manager:

1) Creating two different classes

We recommend that you create two different classes in your Eversports Manager:

  • One class for the online participants

  • One class for the onsite participants

The online streaming link is only added to the online class. Therefore the computer symbol is only shown for the online class. Both classes have the same duration time.

This way you can use different settings for online and studio sessions, such as:

  • Different number of participants

  • Different linked products - this is especially important if you have discounted products that are only valid for online classes

  • Different registration and cancellation rules

2) Display on the website

On your website, both classes are displayed one below the other:

You can create a timetable for only online classes on your website by using the activity group link.

  • You find the group links in the menu Activity > Groups or directly in the class settings of the online class. Here you will find a link icon above the group settings.

  • This link will only show classes from this group (in this example "Advanced Classes"). You can then integrate this link into your website. Customers who click on the link in your website will only see classes from this group.

  • If you put all classes that are in the studio into one group, you can also create a separate link for "Classes in the studio".

IMPORTANT: For the link to work it has to be activated in the class or training calendar in the menu Settings > Widget > Class Calendar.

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