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Change in the billing of online payment fees
Change in the billing of online payment fees
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As already announced with the Sprint communication last week, there has been a change in the billing of online payment fees since May 2020.

Up to now, the total amount of all online paid bookings was transferred to your Stripe-Wallet and then paid out to your bank account. With the respective monthly statement we have then charged you for the online payment fees incurred.

Since 01.05.2020 the online payment fees are directly deducted and retained with every transaction. Fees charged for bookings already paid online will be credited to your account as usual in case of cancellation.

In order to keep the process transparent, we will show the corresponding retained fees in the payout journal separately in the "payout overview". In addition, we will adapt to the monthly invoices as followed:

  • All invoice items (e.g. software fee, online payment fees, extensions, etc.) are shown on the invoice and added up in a subtotal. Based on this subtotal, the local VAT is calculated, which results in the total amount of the invoice.

  • In order to determine which amount is still to be paid, the net online payment fees already withheld are deducted from the total gross invoice amount.

  • The resulting open amount is to be paid as usual by SEPA direct debit / bank wire.

Example calculation:

ATTENTION: Due to the different service period, the online payment fees listed in the invoice differ from the online payment fees listed in the Payout Journal.

- Invoice period: first month - last month

- Payout Journal period: either 7 days (weekly payment) or 25th of the previous month - 24th of the current month.

The Payout Journal serves as an information sheet as an overview of all online paid bookings within a certain period of time and has no accounting/tax relevance.

Cancellations of online payments made before 01.05.2020 will be processed as before with a credit to the collective invoice (see point 2).

In the billing area we have also created a CSV detail export for online paid bookings for a better overview (see below).

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