Your Eversports Manager has learned new skills! Here is a short video with the most important updates:

Here all the details:

1) API between Eversports Manager and Zoom

Are you using Zoom for streaming your online activities?
If yes, we have good news for you! You no longer need to create the "Meetings" in your Zoom account yourself. You will also no longer need to manually enter the meeting-link in your Eversports Manager. From now on, everything happens automatically. With the API between Eversports and Zoom you have the following advantages:

  • If you activate online-streaming in your Eversports Manager, a "meeting" will automatically be created in your zoom-account.
  • The meeting-link from your Zoom account is automatically added to your Eversports Manager for each appointment.
  • As usual, your customers will receive access to the streaming link 15 minutes before the activity begins. You and your teachers can open the link via the sign-in.

Click here for information on how to enable the Zoom API for your Eversports Manager. Zoom links that are created through the API are not having a password. The price for the API is 10 EUR per month. The API can be activated directly from the market in your Eversports Manager. We want to support you and your studio with COVID-19 in the current situation. That is why the API is available for a free trial over the next 3 months.

2) More flexible periods of rest for memberships

In Special Update III, the "pause of whole membership periods" was introduced. With this update, periods of rest get more flexibility. When you enter a new period of rest you can choose the option "Flexible pause".

With this option you can flexibly enter the days of rest. During this period the membership cannot be used by your customer. All invoices of the affected periods are displayed below. If the invoice of the affected period has not yet been issued, you can edit the invoice amount directly in this view.

Additionally, you have the possibility to extend the membership for further periods. You can also add an invoice for the extended periods.

Here you will find a detailed explanation for the new period of rest.

3) Overview of active memberships

You would like to have an overview of all your memberships? You would like to see for which Memberships you have already entered a period of rest related to COVID-19?
Now your Eversports Manager can help you with that. There is a new tab in your customer management which is called "Memberships".

In this tab, you find all active memberships. From here you can enter a period of rest, terminate, cancel, or view the details of a specific membership. In the column "last pause" you can immediately see, if you have already entered a period of rest. 

There is also a filter for your memberships. You can even filter by reason. For periods of rest that are related to COVID-19, you can enter the same reason everywhere. If you do so, you can easily filter these memberships.

4) Online payment fees will be automatically deducted

Previously, the online payment fees were paid out at the end of the month and then collected in the course of the monthly invoice. From 01.05.2020 onwards, we will adapt this process. Online payment fees will then be deducted directly from the online payments of your customers. This means that only the net amount is transferred to your wallet and subsequently paid out to your bank account. The online payment fees for the period April, which are shown on the invoice on 01.05.2020, have not yet been retained and are therefore to be paid as usual.
In the course of the next week there will be a separate communication about this.

We wish you all the best with the new update and look forward to your feedback!

Team Eversports

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