In the area "Customers" you will find the tab "Memberships". When you enter this tab, you will see a list of active memberships (active means: all memberships that entitle you to participate in a class today).

In the list we show you for each membership the following things:

  • Customer
    first and last name of the customer. If you click on a line, you will also see the phone number and e-mail address.
  • Template
    Art of the contract assigned to the customer
  • Validity
    start and end date of the contract. If the end of the contract has been changed by a rest period or manually (that is, it no longer corresponds to that expected by the validity period), we signal this with "(!)". For this purpose, we give you the original end date in the line below.
  • Cancellation
    If the contract has been cancelled, this line shows the date on which the cancellation was entered (you will find the last day of validity in the "Validity" column to the left.
  • automatic extension
    If the contract is renewed automatically, then the modalities are shown here
    PaymentHere is the amount for the contract and how often it has to be paid
    Payment methodIf there is a default payment method (SEPA, SEPA online, credit transfer), we show it in this column
  • last pause
    Timespan of the last entered pause. The second line contains the comment you entered for the pause

Functions for Memberships

In each line you will find an action menu on the right hand side with which you can call the following functions for the membership:

  • Customize
    If the membership was not cancelled, you can customize it here
  • Show Details
    If the membership has been cancelled or it has been completed online by the customer, you can see the details here
  • Terminate
    here you can terminate the membership
  • Cancel termination
    Here you can cancel the termination
  • Cancellation
    Here you can delete the membership
  • Pauses
    Here you can enter and delete pauses for the memberships


So that you can always see the memberships you want to see, there are different filters (which can all be combined). Active filters are shown above the list. With the "x" next to the filter you can delete them.


Here you can enter the customer's surname, first name or e-mail address (or part of it). As a result we will show you all customers who match this selection.

Filter for contract data

With the filter icon next to the customer search you can apply different filters that you can combine.

When you have clicked on the icon, the filter selection retracts from the right.

You can filter by the following criteria:

  • Memberships
    You can display certain types of memberships. For this purpose you will find here the selection of membership templates that you have created in the products.
  • Membership state
    Filter if you want to see active, inactive or all memberships
  • Automatic extension
    Filter if you want to see the memberships with or without automatic renewal
  • Membership start
    Filter whether the start of the membership must be before, after or on a date
  • Membership end
    Filter whether the end of the membership must be before, after or on a date
  • Membership pause
    Filter whether the last break of the membership must be before, after or during a date
  • Pausing reason
    Filter for a term that must be contained in the reason for the pause (e.g. illness)

If you click on "Apply filter", we will show you all memberships with the selected criteria.
With "Reset filter" you reset all filters to the initial state, i.e. all active memberships are shown.

Further functions

In the upper right corner you will find the option to export the displayed list into a CSV file.

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