You can connect your Eversports Manager to your Onefit account through an API. This will automatically send your schedule to Onefit. Onefit bookings and cancellations are going directly into your Eversports Manager.

If you don't already use Eversports Manager, click here to learn how to get started quickly and easily.

If you already have your own Eversports Manager, you can link it to your Onefit account in 3 steps:

1) Activate the Onefit extension in the market 

You can activate the expansion "Onefit API" in your Eversports Manager. You find it in the market (menu item in the lower left corner).

If you click on "Learn more" you can complete your order. You will then receive an email with confirmation and information about your next steps.

2) Activate your activities for Onefit

Your activities will not be visible to Onefit until you activate them in your Eversports Manager. You can decide which classes or trainings you want to activate through the API. To activate an activity for Onefit, go to the settings for that activity.

In the activity settings, you click on the tab "Rules". There you click on "Registration rules".

When you open the "Registration Rules", you find a section that is called "Aggregator Bookings". If you want to make all the dates of this activity bookable for Onefit, you can select the option "Allow aggregator bookings". 

Once you save your settings, the appointments of that activity are sent directly to Onefit via the API.

3) Inform Onefit support

Once you have activated your first activities for Onefit, you can contact Onefit support and let them know that your API is ready to go. The support team of Onefit link your Eversports Manager to your Onefit account. You will need two IDs from your Eversports Manager. You can find these two IDs in your settings under the tab "Version & Info" tab. Copy the Venue UUID and Company UUID and send them directly to Onefit support.

If you are not having a Onefit-Account yet, please register via the Onefit-Website first.

This is how the API works:

Once your API is successfully set up, the following steps are automated:

Synchronizing activities

Once your Eversports Manager is linked to your Onefit account, the appointments from classes & trainings that you activated for aggregators are sent directly to Onefit. This eliminates the need to manage your schedule twice.

Bookings and cancellations directly through the API

When customers book or cancel through Onefit, these bookings or cancellations are transferred directly into your Eversports Manager. Bookings can be found in the sign-in of activities, where you also find the bookings of your own customers. Onefit bookings have automatically selected the product "Onefit" and cannot be manually cancelled from an activity. 

When you cancel an activity, Onefit is automatically about the cancellation, so that they can inform their customers about it.

Customer creation via the API

When a customer books through Onefit, that customer is automatically created in your Eversports Manager. For customers who book via the API, the aggregator ID is automatically stored in the customer profile. This ID ensures that future Onefit bookings with this ID can be automatically assigned to this customer.

If you already have customers in your customer management who regularly use Onefit, you can manually enter the Onefit ID in their customer profile. To do this, go to the customer profile in your Eversports Manager. There you will find the section "Customer IDs of aggregators" in the tab "Details". By clicking on the 3 dots on the right you can enter the Onefit ID for this customer:

If this customer then books via the API, the booking will be assigned to this customer profile. No new customer will be created.

We wish you all the best with this API!

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