You want to start with your Eversports Manager?

Here you will find all the information and links for our start together:

1) Request a demo

For us it is important to first find out if your studio fits together with Eversports Manager. We believe in sustainable and long-term partnerships. Our goal is therefore to only enter into partnerships that add value for both sides. To ensure this, we will start with a demo together. In the demo we get to know each other and go through your requirements. If we both believe that a partnership makes sense, you can start working with your Eversports Manager right after that demo.

> Here you can request a demo

2) Onboarding for your Eversports Manager

Once we both have decided to enter a partnership together, it is important that you get to know your Eversports manager. There is a self-onboarding that helps you to set everything up. You will also be assisted by Videos and helpcenter articles that provide simple explanations. At the end of your onboarding process, you will also have an "Onboarding Q&A session" where our team will give you further tips for your start.

> Start with your Eversports Manager in only 15 minutes

3) Our partnership

Our partners are at the centre of all our activities. Everything we do with Eversports is intended to support studio operators and sports venues in their valuable work. We grow together with our partners. Your Eversports manager is constantly learning. There are regular updates to make your life even easier. Having a first-class support is very important to us. Our team will be there for you.

> Here you find the latest update of Eversports Manager
> Here you find special update for COVID-19

We look forward to our partnership!
Team Eversports

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