Our goal is to make the rest periods of memberships as easy and stable as possible for you and your customers. Therefore we have decided to adapt the current possibilities of rest periods for memberships.


Case study of an Example-Membership

We would like to explain the change with an example. For this we use the following membership:
Duration of the membership: 6 months
Start of the duration: 08.04.2020
Monthly price of the membership: 99 EUR

Previous possibility for rest periods

Until now, it was possible to enter rest periods flexibly and independently of the periods. The days of pause were then added to the end of the membership duration. The membership invoices remained unchanged. Thus, the membership fee was continued to be charged during the period of rest.

This option of the rest period has repeatedly led to ambiguities. For customers and studio operators it was often not clear how many days were added to the membership duration. Often many wished for the billing to be paused during the rest period. Due to the recurring problems, we decided to no longer offer this form of rest period with immediate effect.

Options for rest periods from 09.04.2020

As of 09.04.2020, the following two options are available for rest periods for memberships:

Option 1: Postpone whole membership periods

From now on there is the option "Pause whole membership periods". 

 If you choose this option, you will get an overview of all periods with planned billing. In this overview you can select the periods that should be paused. By default, this period will be added at the end of the membership period. However, you can deactivate this option directly below the display of the periods.

The following points are important for you to know:

  • It is only possible to postpone entire periods. Individual days can no longer be adjusted with this rest period option.
  • By postponing the periods, the termination date is also postponed. The invoice belonging to the period is also postponed. Your customers will no longer receive invoices during rest periods. 
  • It is not possible to postpone periods for which an invoice has already been created.
  • If you have already created rest periods with the old option, they will still be taken into account and will be added at the end of the membership duration. However, this old form of rest period cannot be recreated in the future.


Option 2: Manually adjust prices of affected periods

There is still the option to manually adjust periods affected by the pause:

This option allows you to pause individual periods. After you have selected the duration of the pause, you will get an overview of all membership periods affected by the pause. Here you have the possibility to manually change invoice amounts of planned periods. Invoices are then automatically created with the adjusted amount.

With this form of rest period, the duration of the membership remains unchanged. This means that no periods are added at the end of the membership duration.

No matter which option you choose for the creation of the rest period, you can always decide what to do with bookings already existing during the rest period. These bookings can either be deleted or set to "no-product-visits".

As soon as the rest period is entered, the affected customer cannot make any more bookings within the rest period.


We hope that the changes in the rest periods of memberships will be beneficial for you.
If you have any feedback, please feel free to contact us.


Team Eversports

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