Your Eversports Manager has learned new skills again. Additionally, there are important insights for the current situation.

Here you find all details:

1) Your customers can find the streaming link even easier

It should be as easy as possible for your customers to participate in your online activities. Your Eversports Manager will make sure all your customers have access to your streaming-link in time. This allows you to fully focus on your activities. The following improvements have been made:

  • There is now a large green call-to-action button in the booking confirmation mail. This button leads your customers directly to their bookings. From there they can easily see the streaming link.
  • If your clients have a future booking, this booking will be displayed directly above the schedule in your widget. The streaming link can therefore not be overlooked.

With the new features it is no longer necessary to send the link by email to all participants 15 minutes before class starts.

2) Automatic setting of presence for online activities

Do you want to know which of your customers actually participated in your online activities? Now your Eversports Manager automatically sets the presence of your customers for you. As soon as a customer opens your link 15 minutes before the activity starts, they will be marked as present in the sign-in. That way, you always have a good overview.
Important: The automatic customer check-in only works for customers who open the link from the Eversports app, the Eversports website or from your widget. It will not work if you send the link via other channels (e.g. Social Media or Whatsapp).

3) Online Streaming links for courses, workshops, events etc.

Until now it was only possible to save streaming links for classes and trainings. From now on you can also save streaming links for courses, workshops, events, retreats and educations. Just click on the 3 points at the respective appointment. For your customers everything works just as easy as with online classes or online trainings.

4) Changes with periods of rest for memberships

It's nice to see that despite COVID-19, many studios receive only a few cancellations of memberships because they offer online classes. This means that the studios retain a substantial part of their revenue and the people in their homes still have the opportunity to stay active.
Since it can still happen that memberships are paused in the current time, we have now adapted the creation of periods of rest for memberships.

If you click on "Period of rest" in a customer profile, you can now select the option "Pause entire membership periods". This allows you to pause entire periods and move them to the end of the membership. The payment will also be postponed.

5) Further updates

Mandatory password of Zoom

Since Saturday, Zoom has introduced a mandatory password for all meetings due to data protection deficiencies. If you activate the option "Embed the password in the meeting link" in your Zoom account, your customers can still open your online class by clicking on the streaming link. Here is a link with a detailed explanation.

Warning if no streaming link is saved yet

From now on you will find a warning symbol for online classes and online trainings if there is no streaming link added yet. The exclamation mark is red if streaming links are missing for today. The exclamation mark is yellow if streaming links are missing for any future day.

Validating URL links

Please make sure that your links for your online streams always represent a valid web address. You should not add any other information in this field. In order to avoid problems, we will validate the entries in this field from now on. 

Save streaming links for several appointments simultaneously

If you offer individual trainings for your customers, it makes sense to provide the same link for all dates. To avoid having to edit each appointment individually, we have now added this option in the activity settings under the tab "Appointments".

We appreciate your feedback and wish you all the best with the new update!
Team Eversports

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