If you already use Zoom to stream your activities online, we provide you with a new extension that connects your account to your Manager to automate the streaming link generation for you and to facilitate your administration. This means that you don't have to manually copy the streaming links to each sessions, but they are generated automatically up to 48 hours before the activity starts. The only thing you need to do is to access the links and teach your activity.

Step 1 - Activate the extension
In order to connect your Zoom account to your Manager, you first have to activate the 'Online activity streaming via Zoom' extension. You can do this via the market. To access the market, log into your Manager and select the menu item 'market'. There, look through the available extensions and select the Zoom extension.

Step 2 - Connect your Zoom account
After successfully activating the extension, we need to make sure that you connect your Zoom account. Therefore, please go to the settings menu and switch to the online stream tab. There, you find the button that redirects you to your Zoom login. Please proceed through the steps until you come back to your Manager. If the connection could be established properly, you'll see a success message in the same panel where you started to connect it.

Step 3 - Select appointments that you want to stream online
Now it's time to choose the appointments of your activities that you want to stream online. To do so, just go to activities via the menu and switch to the specific activity type, e.g. classes or trainings. Via the 3-dot menu you can open the 'edit appointment' window. At the bottom of the settings you'll find the possibility to mark this appointment as online activity.
Of course, you can also activate the online streaming option in the activity settings, which you can also access via the same menu. Specifically, in the dates tab where you can create and edit appointments for the activity, it is possible to mark appointments for the online streaming.

Step 4 - Access the online stream
Before your activity starts, go to the sign-in of the activity, either via the sign-in button in the activity overview or if you click on the activity in the calendar. Below the activity name on the top you will find the online stream. In some activities, such as courses you can find an online stream button directly next to the related appointment in the sign-in. Just click on it to access the stream and start the activity. And no worries if you don't find the link immediately - as the streaming links are created automatically 48 hours before the activity starts, you only need to make sure that you are in the sign-in of the right activity about to start.

Deactivating the Zoom-Extension

If you decide that you want to deactivate the Zoom extension, you can directly write Eversports Support so that we can deactivate the extension in your Eversports Manager. You should then also deactivate the integration from your Zoom account. Therefore please go through the following steps:

  • Login to your Zoom account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace
  • Click Manager > Installed Apps or search for the Eversports App
  • Click the Eversports app
  • Click uninstall

If you deactivate the Zoom-Extension all streaming links from future activities will be deleted and need to be replaced afterwards.
don't deactivate the Eversports app on Zoom without notifying our support to deactivate the extension before.

If you have any further questions, please, feel free to reach out to us.

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