Your Eversports manager has learned again something new. In addition, we will provide important insights on the current situation.

Here you will find all the details:

1) Instruction Email for the first online class

Would you like to send an explanatory email to every customer who books an online class at your studio for the first time? Now your Eversports Manager can do it for you!
To activate this instruction email, please go to "Settings" > "Online Stream" .

Customers booking an online class for the first time at your studio will receive this email in addition to the booking confirmation.

You can also include a link in this email, for example to an external explanation page, like this one.
In the settings for the online transfer, you also have the possibility to choose which external tool you use. If you choose Zoom, for example, we will show this in the booking confirmation of your customers.

2) Weekly payout now possible

We are aware that in the current situation it is very important to have sufficient liquid funds at all times. Therefore we would like to offer all our partner studios the possibility to change the payment of online payments from monthly to weekly.
Please fill out this form if you would like to receive your payouts weekly. 

We will initiate the weekly payouts on the night from Sunday to Monday. The money should then arrive in your account on Tuesdays or Wednesdays at the latest.

As we are currently receiving many requests from our partners. Please understand that the implementation may take a few days. Thanks!

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