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Many studios rely on the combination "Eversports Manager & Zoom" when offering online classes.

In this article we will show you how to set it up.

  • Eversports Manager handles:

    • the entire booking

    • payment process

    • customer and product administration.

  • Create a Zoom account. If you do not have Zoom yet, you can create a Zoom account via this link. Zoom is free for online classes up to 40 minutes. If you want to offer longer classes or register more than 100 participants, you should switch to one of the payment models. The option "Pro" for €13,99,- per month is sufficient for most studios. Here an overview.

1) Create a Zoom Meeting for each class

Once you have created your Zoom account, you can start creating your first online class right away. Just click on "Schedule a meeting".

A window opens in which you can now configure all settings for this meeting. You can create a meeting for each class in advance.

2) Store the Meeting Link in Eversports Manager

Once you have created the meeting in Zoom, you will find the meeting link to this meeting in Zoom. Each meeting has an individual link.

Once you have created the Zoom Meeting, you have to link it into your Eversports Manager.

  • Click on "Edit Appointment" at the online class.

  • Activate the "Online Stream Link" feature

  • Copy and paste the Zoom link in the bar

In Zoom you can plan a Meeting for all your future classes in advance. All of these meeting links can then be added directly to Eversports Manager for each class.
Your customers will receive access to this link 15 minutes before the class starts.

3) Zoom Settings

This is what the Zoom settings menu looks like:

The settings that we recommend:

  • Disable the "Registration Setting" - Only customers who are registered through Eversports Manager will receive the link 15 minutes before class starts.

  • More info on the "Meeting Password" can be found here.

  • You can leave the "Video of presenter and participant" setting as it is.

  • The audio option can be set to "Computer Audio".

In the "Meeting options" you can make further settings. 

  • If you activate "Enter before host", your customers can enter the room before you arrive.

  • Please deactivate the option "Mute participants when entering". Before the class starts it is very nice if all participants can exchange a little bit more (similar to the studio on location). 

  • You can activate the "waiting room" if you want to let the participants into the room individually. This allows you to add each participant you accept to the participation list in the Eversports Manager sign-in.

    OR If you want it easy, you can deactivate the waiting room - so all participants can easily enter.

  • You can disable "Only authorized users can join".

  • We recommend that you DO NOT record your classes. This is important for privacy reasons and ensures that the "service idea" is maintained for your classes. So deactivate.

4) Opening of the meeting before the start of the class

We recommend opening the meeting at least 15 minutes before the start of the class. This way you can make sure that your participants can exchange ideas before the meeting and that the "community idea" is virtually lived out in your studio.

  • To open the meeting, you or a teacher can click on "Open Link" in the sign-in of a class. Once you have opened the link to the Meeting, the room is open and your customers can enter.

Your customers will also have access to this link 15 minutes before class starts.

All information on how your customers can participate in online classes can be found here.

5) Settings during the class

  • At the beginning, mute the class - so that people can hear you and your video is in focus

  • Suggest that your customers pin your video so they see you at all times

  • After the class, you can unmute all participants - This allows you to exchange information after the class is over

6) TIP - Activate the Zoom interface

If you wish to save time and effort, you can activate the Zoom interface with Eversports Manager. This way, all meeting links will be automatically created for you for all activities that you offer online.
Read here how to activate the Zoom interface.

We wish you much success with your online classes!

Team Eversports

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