The current situation is becoming more acute in all European countries. It is very important that people counteract the spread of the corona virus (COVID-19) by drastically reducing their social contacts.

As a studio operator you play an important role in this exceptional social situation. With online-classes, you can support people who cannot leave their home for days. We would like to encourage you, to also offer online-classes. People will be very grateful! With Eversports Manager, we see it as our responsibility to support you and your studio in the best possible way.

Based on our initial experience with online classes (the first studios had over 100 participants for their online-classes over the weekend), we've put together some more insights for you. 

1) Insights for offering online-classes

Based on the initial experience of studios offering online-classes, we would like to share more insights with you:

Offer live classes and not just recordings

On the Internet there are a lot of records of classes in very good quality. But for people in the current situation, it is important to have a certain feeling of normality. You can give them this feeling by broadcasting your classes live (if possible from your studio). Start the broadcast 15 minutes earlier and talk to your clients or enable an active conversation between your clients. People will really appreciate your efforts!

Use everyday objects for your classes

At home, many people do not have the items they are used to from your studio. This is a great chance for you to be creative. Include items in your exercises that everyone has at home (e.g. books or pads instead of blocks). This makes your classes authentic in the current situation and brings a little humor into people's homes.

Good communication through your website

If you want many customers to join your classes, a good communication on your website is key. The main message should not be that you have "closed down your studio". Instead, communicate that you are responding to the situation and "supporting your customers by offering online-classes". Those websites are examples for good communication: Yogazentrum Mödling, Imagin Abel, or Ananya Yoga (texts on those websites are in german but you can use google translate).

Give your customers the opportunity to contribute

Use all your communication channels to actively interact with your customers. Ask for feedback or what content they would like to see in the upcoming online-classes. Let them contribute. Even customers who don't live nearby, can participate in your online classes - there is no limit.

Get inspiration by attending online-classes at other studios

During this time it is important that studios support each other. We have received many messages and calls over the weekend from studios who would like to share their learning from their first online-classes with the studio community. Thanks a lot for that. You can learn a lot yourself by simply attending online-classes from other studios. Here you can find an overview of all online-classes that are currently offered.

Good tools for online broadcasting

So far our studios had the best experience with Zoom, Google Hangout and Youtube Livestream. Zoom and Google Hangout is especially suitable if you want to personalize your online-classes. Participants can see each other and can have an active exchange before the class starts - similar like normally in your studios. Youtube Livestream is especially suitable for classes with many participants. Customers cannot see each other here. A good headset (e.g. Mpow Flame) for good sound quality and an external camera (e.g. Logitech C920 HD PRO Webcam) for good video quality are very important.

Workaround for bad internet connection

If you don’t have a good internet connection at home or in your studio, there is a workaround that is already used successfully (e.g. by the studio Coming Hooommm). In this case you can record the class on the day before. Then upload it to your You-Tube channel and share this link instead of the link to the live-broadcast. We recommend to always record a new video and make that clear to your customers. Your customers need to feel that it is a service you are doing and not just a simple recording. It helps if you do some small talk before the class where you speak about the current situation. This shows your effort and that the video is new.

Pricing for online classes

As Eversports we don’t want to influence the pricing decisions of our studios. But we can share what we see most studios doing. Currently we see many studios that keep their normal prices also for online-classes. In addition to existing products, some studios also offer new products that are cheaper for online classes (e.g. e.g. 10€ for 1h online class). Those studios intend to also help their customers in the current situation financially.

2) Eversports Manager improvements for online-classes

Your Eversports Manager learns quickly. Our team worked hard over the weekend to make it as easy as possible for you to offer online-classes. The following improvements are available starting today:

Customers can open broadcasting-link via Eversports app

Your customers will see a button in the new version of the Eversports app that allows them to start the live broadcast directly from the app. The button will become active 15 minutes before the start of a class. It will open the link that you have provided in your Eversports Manager for that specific class. This button is also available in the widget via "my bookings". This will also be indicated in the booking confirmation for online-classes.

Icon for online classes in your widget

In your widget, online-classes have also an icon. The same is true for the activity pop-up. This way the communication to your customers will be more clear.

Enter a broadcasting-link for online-classes

You can now pre-submit the link to a online-class at any time in your Eversports Manager. This link will be provided to all your registered customers 15 minutes before the class starts. You can add the link by clicking on the 3 dots and then by clicking "Edit Appointment".

If you set the class to an "online-class", you can enter the link for the online broadcast directly in the field below.

In your activity calendar you then see an icon for all classes where you turned on the "online stream".

Broadcast link in Activity sign-in

We want to make it easy for your teachers to start the online broadcast. That's why they now find a link in the sign-in of each activity.

We wish you and your team all the best for the coming days and above all health!

Team Eversports

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