Pausing time and block cards

In this article you will learn how to adjust the validity of your time or block cards to pause them.

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If you want to pause your members' time and block cards, you can do so as follows:

Go to the respective customer profile and click on "Products". Select the product you want to pause and click on the three black dots in the corner, then click "Edit". 

Now select the "Date" in the overview. In the field "Valid until" you now enter the start date of the break. It is important that you write down a reason and also record how long the product is actually still valid. In our example, only 13 days of the monthly pass were used up. 

Ideally, this reason should be added to the customer profile afterwards, the best place to do this is in the comment field. Just click on "Edit customer", add the comment and save your changes. This way you make sure that you know later how many units were well written.

When the pause is over and you want to reactivate the cards, you can do so as follows:

Under the menu item "Customers" and "More", you can download an export of your customer file.

Now open this export in Excel or Pages. There you can now filter the comments column using the filter function: Display all customers who have a comment for pause. So you can see at a glance which customers need to be reactivated. 

Now go the customer profiles one after the other and display the "consumed services" under "Products". Click on the three black dots and select "Edit".

Now you can adjust the period again and add the time that the customer is still entitled to. 

Once you have saved the changes, your customer can use their card again.

Alternatively, you can assign a new card to the customer and adjust the open participations. You can also give the product a 100% discount so that your customer does not pay twice. 

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