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How to keep your studio up and running during the current Corona situation with online classes

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Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus, more and more rules and regulations have been implemented and customers prefer to attend classes from home rather than in the studio.

Eversports Manager offers you the possibility to offer online classes with livestream and this way continue to support your customers during this challenging time and at the same time maintain a certain turnover.

In order to offer your activities online, follow the steps below:

1) Give your online activities a clear name

  • Decide which of your classes you want to offer online and change the title so that your customers know that the class is online.

  • In the class description make it clear to your customers that the class will be given online.

2) Connect existing products or offer new products

In the activity settings, choose which products your customers can use to participate in this online activity:

  • You can connect your regular products to your online activities.
    Customers are very grateful that they can continue to follow your classes with their existing products.

  • Otherwise, create new "online products" that are valid only for your online activities and link them to the corresponding online classes.

3) Enter the link to the live stream

In order to have your customers join your online activity, you need now the link of the of the live stream where the activity will take place (Zoom, Google Hangout etc.). Copy the live stream link from your streaming platform and enter it in the corresponding class in your Eversports Manager.
In order to do this, go to the menu Activities > Classes, select the session that you wish to offer online and click on the three dots to the right 'Edit appointment'. Select 'offer online streaming' and add the link to the live stream.
There you can also adapt the maximum number of participants, if necessary.

Next to the online class you see now the online symbol.

For your participants:

  • The link to the online class is available to your participants 15 minutes before the start of the class via their Eversports account.

  • Share this information with them so that they know how to join your online classes.

  • IMPORTANT - No email will be sent out to the participants with the streaming link.

TIP: Various video conference tools are suitable for the live transmission of classes: Google Hangout offers a free service, Zoom offers free meetings of up to 40 minutes and is subject to a fee after that.

4) Host the online activity

Before class starts, go to the Sign in of the class in your Eversports Manager and click on the green button 'Open Link'.
This will start the online class and your participants will be able to join you.

Here some tips for the best experience:

  • Make sure you have a good internet connection. It is best to first do a test class with selected participants to ensure that the quality of the live broadcast is suitable for all customers. If possible, you should switch on the online broadcast 15 minutes before the class starts.

  • Make sure you have good technical equipment. It makes sense that you use a headset (e.g. Mpow Flame) to ensure good sound quality. For a good video transmission you can use an external camera (e.g. Logitech C920 HD PRO Webcam)

  • If you are offering online live stream in addition to the class on site, it makes sense that someone (e.g. a volunteer) participates in the exercises in front of the camera. This allows online participants to follow the exercises and also to understand the teacher well via the headset. You should inform participants on site that the class will be broadcast live. You can also tell them what part of the room is on the screen so that they can decide for themselves if they want to be shown or not.

  • It makes sense that one person takes care of the online participants. This way online participants can be welcomed personally (e.g. "Hi Max, glad you are here and participating"). In addition, the chat can be used to help if there are technical problems. 

5) Good communication with customers (newsletter, website)

In order for the online classes to be well received, it is important to communicate them well.

Make sure to announce via newsletter and/or your website that you are offering classes online.


Dear yogis,
we hope you are doing well. We write to you today, because there are currently some developments around the coronavirus, which might raise questions about yoga classes at our studio.
First of all, we want to assure you, inhaling exhaling, in peace and quiet: all yoga classes will take place until further notice and we will do everything to make you feel comfortable with us!
At the same time we have thought of something for all those who prefer to practise from home and yet with us: we will be broadcasting selected (marked in the timetable) yoga classes live and online from now on - ADDITIONAL
for example already today's
morning yoga class at 9.00 h
Golden Yoga at 10.45 h
Basic course at 19.00 h

IMPORTANT: Registration for these online yoga classes will continue to be done via the Eversports booking platform and is possible up to 1 hour before class starts.

What you need to participate in LIVE Yoga classes?
a well working internet connection
Computer (works with every common browser)
OR Smartphone
of course your yoga mat ;)

How to register for the LIVE Yoga classes?
The online class will be open about 10 minutes before the start.
Important: We are trying out the online live transmission for the first time today - so if there should occur any errors, please bear with us. Furthermore, we would be very happy if you let us know afterwards if/how it worked for you.

Thank you very much!

6) Data protection for online activities

While there are little to no problems with data protection for online classes, there are a couple of things you should be made aware of:

  • If you wish to record your online classes, you need proper consent from all people taking part in this class before you use the recording for commercial or public use.

  • Just like in a face-to-face course, the participants also see each other in a video class. But to be on the safe side, you should inform your customers in advance. The Eversports Manager will do this for you. Your customers are automatically informed about this in every booking confirmation.

  • You should add a section in your privacy policy where you inform about how data is handled in your online classes.

In the following article you will find more tips for studio operations during Covid times.

We wish you all the best for the current time and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Team Eversports

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