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Some helpful tips on how to keep your studio up and running during the current Corona situation

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Since the outbreak of Coronavirus, more and more rules and regulations have been implemented by local authorities. This creates anxiety and nervousness.

We have collected a few tips and best practices so that you can continue your studio business in the best possible way. 

1) Offer online classes

Offer your activities (additionally) online by streaming your activities with a webinar or video tool (i.e. Zoom). This way your clients can also participate from home.
Read here how to offer online activities.

2) Offer videos

You can set up your Eversports video library for free. This way you can offer recordings of your past classes or offer on-demand videos.
Read here how to set up your video library.

3) Expand the range of hygiene products and raise awareness

Inform your customers and students exactly which hygiene measures are standard and/or additional so that everyone feels safe.

  • As a welcome ritual we choose a friendly Namaste and instead of hands-on we opt for verbal corrections.

  • Our yoga equipment is cleaned and disinfected after use.
    We ask you to temporarily bring your own blanket if you need it.

  • All floors, railings and toilets are cleaned and disinfected several times.

  • We all need to wash our hands thoroughly.

  • Let's cultivate healthy thoughts and healthy emotions, but also support, solidarity and attention for ourselves and each other.

4) Keep your customers informed

Keep your clients informed about which classes and courses are taking place and how your studio is running. What options do you offer (online courses, extended class validity, additional hygiene measures, fewer participants etc)?
Proactive communication will be positively received!

5) Use the list of attendance

Use the list of attendance to see exactly who was registered for a class and who actually attended onsite. If a Corona case is confirmed by one of your participants, you can inform the people who might have been in contact with them.

6) Move workshops and events

If you don't want to cancel your workshops and events, but only want to postpone them without yet knowing when the replacement date will be, we recommend the following procedure:

- Change the workshop settings to "displayed"
- inform your registered participants that you are postponing the event and inform them as soon as a replacement date is available and that the tickets will remain valid.
- Change the title and description of the event so that your approach is clear.
- Once your alternate date is set, create a new bookable event and transfer your already registered attendees. Assign them a ticket at no extra cost.

Other useful tips:

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