Basically there are 3 ways how you can integrate the prices-page of your widget optimally into your website:

1) Direct integration

You can embed the link to the "prices page" of the widget directly in your website. When your customers click on "Prices" on your website, they will be taken to the Prices page in the Eversports Widget. From there, they can see more details about the product or purchase products directly.

We recommend this integration if you want to minimize your website administration efforts. If you change or add products in your Eversports Manager, these changes will also be visible directly on your website under Prices.

2) Hybrid integration

You can create your own page for prices on your website. Each product on your custom "pricing page" can then be linked to the details page of the Eversports Widget. This allows your customers to get more information about the product before they decide to buy it.

We recommend this integration if you have your own pricing page on your website without product descriptions. In this case, we recommend opening the detail page as a new tab.

3) Purchase Link integration

You can create the complete content on your website individually and display all products as well as the product description independently. For each product you can then add the corresponding purchase link. As soon as your customers decide to buy a product on your website, they will be taken directly to the purchase process. 

We recommend this integration if you have already created the entire content including product description on your website.

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