Due to new legal regulations, you need to add additional information to your wallet in your Eversports Manager. Please do so until 30.03.2020, otherwise further payouts will not be possible. 

Step 1: Go to wallet settings

If you are in your Eversports Manager, you can see a red alert next to your profile picture. If you click on your picture and then on the option "Activate Online-payment" you come to your online payment dashboard.

Step 2: Add additional information needed

If you are on your online payment dashboard, you see the status of your wallet on the top left. If the status of your wallet is "unverified", please click on the Button "Verify the wallet". From there you will be guided through a process which helps you to add all the additional informations needed.

Step 3: Control if your wallet is verified again

After you have done the verification process, please check if the status is set to "verified". You can check the status directly on your online payment dashboard. Also the red alert next to your profile picture should disappear once your wallet is successfully verified.

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