Your Eversports Manager has learned new skills!
Here you find all details about the update:

1) Important info (action required)

Further information for wallet required

Due to new legal regulations, you need to add additional information to your wallet in your Eversports Manager. Please do so until 30.03.2020, otherwise further payouts will not be possible. You find all info in the following article

Old widget-links will not be supported anymore

After 24.04.2020, we will not support old widget-links anymore. Please make sure that all your widget links on your website are up-to-date. You find all info in the following article

2) Improved shop page for your widget (new: prices)

We renamed the widget-tab "Shop" to "Prices". The design for this tab has been improved. Your customers can distinguish between blockcards, timecards and memberships. There is also a special tag for introductory offers.

For each product, there is a separate page with details about the product (e.g. validity, rules, included activities). This helps your customers with their purchase-decision.

3) Purchase link for services

You now have exciting new ways to implement the Eversports Widget into your website. For each service there is a specific link which you can find in your Eversports if you go to Manager/Products/Services.

You can choose between two links:

  • Link to landing page of a product
  • Link to checkout process for that product

As inspiration we have summarized three different ways how you can integrate the pricing page in your website.

4) Product filter in customer management

In your customer management you can now filter for customers that have purchased a certain product. Just click on the filter button and select which product you want to filter for:

5) Further improvements

Bookings from the Aggregator API are shown in insights

This way you can see which share of your bookings are coming through the Aggregator API.

Creating an activity out of your calendar

You can now also create an activity straight from your calendar. Just click on the button "new" to do so.

Calendar as new home page for activities

Your calendar is the new home page if you click on the menu "activities". If you prefer to start with the class overview you can just save the link as a favorite in your browser. This way you always open the class overview first.

Fixed some bugs of the mobile view 

We fixed some bugs of the view on mobile devices (e.g. switching between different facilities). That makes it easier to use Eversports Manager on your smartphone.

Deleting and archiving of articles is working again 

For some venues it was not possible to archive or delete articles in the inventory management. That problem is solved now and it works again. 

The flexible selling price for products can be edited again  

After the last update it was not possible anymore to see the option for adapting the price during the selling process. This is solved and works again.

E-Mail subjects always have the correct language  

Some E-Mails had the wrong language in the subject line. This has been fixed and now subject line and email text always have the same language.

All the best with the new updates!
Team Eversports

PS: If you are happy with your Eversports Manager, we are always grateful if you refer us to a friend - this is the best motivation for our Team!

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