While you work with Eversports, we automatically store all data required by the tax authorities or create the legally required reports. In the event of a tax audit, you must be able to provide this data to the auditor in a specific format.

To do this, use the "Reports" feature in the Finance Chapter. First you have to determine the start and end date of the desired period with the date picker in the upper right corner. Then use the function "Export the archive for the finance" and the button "create archive". The archive will now be created and made available for download.

The archive contains the following data

  • archive.csv: Information about the archive itself

  • bon.csv: all receipts it period

  • cashbook.csv: The cashbook of the period

  • duplicate.csv: all generated receipt and invoice duplicates

  • grand-total.csv: all grand-total (absolute and relative) of the period resulting from the daily, monthly and annual accounts

  • invoice.csv: all invoices of the period

  • invoice-positions.csv: all invoice items for the invoices of the period

  • technical-event-log.csv: all technical events of the period

  • readme-archive.txt: Information about the archive

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