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Memberships are a proven success story, learn how to use them at best

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If you offer regular activities during the week, there is a high chance that you already have a variety of block cards and time cards that your customers can purchase to book your classes.
There is however a better way to increase the loyalty of your customers and keep them coming back more often - do this with memberships.

Memberships are products with recurring payments, that either have a fixed runtime (i.e. one year), or that are regularly extended (i.e. monthly).

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about memberships.

1) What is the added value of memberships?

  •  Planned revenues. Your revenues remain stable also during low times such as Christmas or summer. This way you always know what is your planned income.

  • Higher customer retention. Customers with memberships come back more often and for a longer time.
    Additionally, memberships can be set up with an automatic extension, so that your customers do not need to renew their purchases manually every month.

  • No administration effort. Payments and invoicing is entirely automatic and there is no administration effort needed, as payments are done i.e. with a credit card.

2) Why should you offer memberships online?

  • More memberships sold. According to our data, studios offering memberships online registered an annual increase of sold memberships compared to those who do not offer this option.

  • Modern and easy access. Buying a membership online is quick and simple. The easier the process, the more clients will be attracted.  You might know it already from your experience with other well-known providers (i.e. Netflix and Spotify Premium).

  • Efficient communication. You can share the link to your online memberships through many different channels (newsletter, website, Facebook etc.) so that your customers can buy them directly online without needing to contact you first.

3) What price should I choose for a membership?

There are of course various types of memberships and these need to be considered separately.
We go now through the three most common options and their advantages:

  • Unlimited access for one year. This membership lasts at least 12 months. Customers with this membership can visit your classes and trainings any time without any limit. The hurdle to buy a membership for a whole year is of course higher for customers due to the long-term commitment. Therefore the chance of selling this membership online is lower than with a more flexible, short-term membership. On the other hand, your turnover is secured for the whole year.

  • Unlimited access for one month. The duration of this membership is only one month and will be extended for another month if the customer does not cancel before (this is often the same membership you might have for Netflix or Spotify). Customers with this membership can attend your classes and trainings for an unlimited number of times. Customers are very flexible when entering into this membership and can cancel at any time.
    The chance to sell this membership online is higher due to the low commitment.

  • Limited access for one month. This membership lasts only one month and will be extended for another month if the customer does not cancel it. However, customers with this membership have only a limited number of participations per month (usually 4 participations per month). These customers are very flexible and can cancel at any time.

    The chance to sell this membership online is higher due to the low commitment.

Now that you are a memberships pro you are ready to create and sell the best deals for your customers.

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