You Eversports Manager has learned new skills!. Here a short video with the most important updates:

Here you find all details about the update:

1) Innovative Payment-Link

Do you have unpaid invoices in your invoice overview? Are you tired of reconciling the transfers on your bank account with your unpaid positions in your Eversports Manager? If your answer is yes, you will love today's news!

From now on, you can send a Payment-Link to your customers for all unpaid invoices. You can do that straight from your invoice overview in your Eversports Manager. You have two options:

  • You send a mail including the Payment-Link via Eversports Manager
  • You can copy the Payment-Link and send it via your own channels (e.g. Whatsapp, Facebook Messager)

If you customers click on the Payment-Link, they get straight to the payment check-out where they can use all the payment methods which they can also use on your website.
Once the payment has been made by your customers, the payment status in your invoice overview will automatically be updated. So there is no reconciliation with your bank account needed anymore. 

2) Improved UX and Design

For us it is important, that you enjoy working with Eversports Manager. Therefore we continuously work on improving our UX and design. We didn't change anything with our basic functionalities but we improved a lot of small details that lead to an improved overall user experience.

We did improvements in the following areas:

  • Creation and edit of activities (classes, courses, workshops, etc.)
  • Creation and edit of products (services, articles, memberships, etc.)
  • Financials (Invoice overview, cash ledger and reports)
  • Menu structure including icons and tabs
  • Customer profiles and customer groups

If you click here, you find all details about the design updates.

3) Limitation of future bookings per customer

Do you have customers that book out all your future activities with unlimited cards (e.g. memberships or timecards) so that potential customers can not book anymore?

We now have a solution for that: You can limit the future bookings per customers. If a customer has reached the limit of future bookings, another booking is not possible anymore until she/he either cancels one future booking or one of the future bookings is in the past.

You can turn on the limitation of future bookings in the settings of your customer groups:

4) New role "External Teacher/Trainer"

In your customer management you can now assign the role "External Teacher/Trainer". This role doesn't have access to your financials (also no access to invoice overview). Apart from that this role has the same limitations than the current role "Teacher/Trainer".

All the best with the new updates!
Team Eversports

PS: If you are happy with your Eversports Manager, we are always grateful if you refer us to a friend - this is the best motivation for our Team!

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