With the new release (planned for Tue, 04.02.2020), the user experience in your Eversports Manager will be improved significantly. The functionality will not be effected by the changes.

You will find improvements in the following areas:

1) Creation and Edit of activities

UX for creating and editing of classes, trainings, workshops, courses, etc. will be improved. Here a first preview:

Editing of class information

Editing of activity dates

Ticketprices for workshops, courses, etc.

2) Creation and Edit of products

UX for creating and editing of services, articles, memberships and vouchers will be improved. Here a first preview:

Settings of services

Editing of memberships

3) Financials

UX on the pages invoice overview, cash ledger and reports will be improved. Here a first preview: 

Invoice Overview

Cash ledger


4) Menu structure incl. icons and tabs

Icons and menu structure became more modern. Also the tabs have been visually improved. Also colors will change slightly.

Menu structure incl. icons

Tabs on pages

5) Customer groups and customer profiles

Customer groups will be in a slider instead of a separate page. Tabs in the customer profiles will be highlighted in a better way.

Customer groups

Customer profiles

We hope you will enjoy the visual updates!
Team Eversports

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