Start with Eversports Manager (part 2)

Here you find all you need to know to set up your new system

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After completing the first steps of the instructions, it is time to dive further into your Eversports Manager.

In the sections below you will find some useful information that will help you get to know better your new system.

1. Check your payouts and wallet saldo

Go to the menu Billing on the top right corner of your screen to do the following:

  • check your wallet saldo (online payments)

  • set up your monthly or weekly payouts

  • View your Eversports invoices for the software costs

In this article you will learn all you needed to know about the menu Billing and your payouts.

2. Check your data

Before you start with your Eversports Manager, it is important that all your data are complete and up-to-date. You should therefore make sure that:

3. Link to data protection and GTC

Under Settings > Permissions & Privacy, you can store a link to your GTC and your data protection conditions. When your customers book online, they must accept data protection and GTC in the booking process.

4. Activate automatic emails

You can activate different automatic emails (email before the first visit, follow-up email, birthday email etc.).

5. Integrate the schedule (widget) on your website

In case you have not done it yet, we suggest you to integrate your class schedule (widget) on your website. This way it is even easier for your customers to book your classes online.

Learn here how to integrate your widget on your own website.

6. Teachers and employees

After creating a customer profile for your teachers and employees:

7. Invite your customers

If you have created your customer's profiles or if we have imported them:

  • If you have assigned existing products to customers, they will see them on their profile once they have accepted your invitation and created their account. They can then book with it.

  • If a customer does not see a product you have assigned to them on their profile, check if they have accepted the invitation:

  • If there are duplicate customers, you can merge them.

  • Advise your customers to download the Eversports app. You can send them this article.

8. Create courses, workshops, events etc.

There is a multitude of different activities that you can offer in your Eversports Manager:

  1. Activities that need to be booked individually, as classes and trainings

  2. Activities that can be booked as a whole with one click. For example; courses, workshops, events etc.

So far, we have learned how to create classes and trainings, but we encourage you also to give it a try and now create courses and workshops too.

9. Eversports on mobile

Of course, you can use Eversports on your mobile phone.

However, be reminded of this difference:

  • Administrators and teachers can log into your Eversports Manager via
    In this article we show you how to use Eversports Manager as a regular app on your phone.

  • The Eversports App is only for your customers (athletes) to book classes and buy products. Learn here how your customers can use the Eversports app.
    TIP 1: Additionally, you can share these articles with your customers to guide them through the use of their new Eversports account.
    TIP 2: In the menu Settings > Profile, you find the link to your app profile. This link is sent automatically when you invite your customers.
    However, you can still share and promote this link in your newsletters or on sociale media.

10. Offering online classes or online trainings

If you would like to offer online classes or online trainings with livestream, we recommend the following articles:

11. Activate your Eversports profile

After following all these steps, your Eversports Manager is ready!

However, it is not yet visible on the Eversports website and app. To make it visible, you can activate it in the menu Dashboard.

If you have not finished your tasks yet but would like to make your studio visible, you can write to us and we will activate it for you ([email protected]).

We wish you all the best with your new system!

Team Eversports

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