Book extensions via the menu Market

You can customize your Eversports Manager and book extensions that are relevant for you via the Market

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In the menu bar of your Eversports manager you will find the menu item "Market". Here you can add extensions to your package and get to know our partner deals.


Possible extensions that you can choose are:

  • Marketing

  • the Payroll

  • ClassPass API, myClubs API, and OneFit API

  • Mailchimp integration

  • Video library (On-demand activities)

If you want to book an extension, first click on "learn more".

You will now receive a summary of the most important aspects of this extension and can go through all the steps.

After you have ticked the boxes that apply to you and have noticed that your monthly bill increases by the respective amount, click on "confirm".

You have now successfully activated the extension and you will now find a brief guide with the relevant points that you should note for the respective extension.

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